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Giller Reisen

Lufthansa City Center Business Travel

Bahnhofstr. 26,
82041 München-Deisenhofen

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 08:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Travel Classes

Magnifica; Business Class Medium Hauls, Premium Economy and Economy: four travel classes with special services to meet your every need wherever you go.


Convenience without forgoing comfort: with Economy, personalized advantages and services for all types of trips.


  • 6,5” (B777 fleet) and 9” (A330 fleet) personal screens, a vast library of movies, games, music and TV programs. Find out more about on-board entertainment.
  • WiFi, GSM and live news. Find out more about on-board connectivity.


You can enjoy a snack accompanied by a selection of drinks on international flights.

On international flights of more than three hours, the refreshments service will include a sandwich, with a vegetarian option, a dessert and hot and cold drinks. It will not be possible to book special meals*.

Passengers will also be able to try the new instant coffee created by Lavazza, made from 100% Arabica beans and presented first on Alitalia flights.

On long-haul flights from Italy, there are two services: one with starter, main course (choice of meat or pasta), fruit or dessert and a second service of snack or breakfast depending on the time of the flight. A third service, comprising a snack and a drink, is served only on flights of more than 11 hours.

*Except for flights from Rome to Tel Aviv and vice versa, from Catania and Palermo to Moscow and vice versa, and from Catania and Venice to St. Petersburg and vice versa, where the service remains the same.

Premium Economy

Discover a new way to fly on long haul international flights: dedicated check-in desks and priority boarding at the airport, a dedicated quiet cabin, seats with up to 40% more space than the economy class. In Premium Economy Class, comfort becomes a real masterpiece.

Comfort and Advantages

  • Baggage allowance of two items weighing 23 kg
  • Dedicated check-in desks
  • Priority boarding
  • 10,4” (B777 fleet) and 10,6” (A330 fleet) personal screens, a vast library of movies, games, music and TV programs. Find out more about on-board entertainment.
  • WiFi, GSM and live news. Find out more about on-board connectivity.
  • Separate quiet cabin section with 17 or 24 ergonomic seats that recline up to approximately 120° and offer up to 40% more leg room
  • Night kit (blanket and pillow)


Enjoy warm meals, snacks or breakfast, depending on the flight schedule, including a welcome drink, warm hand towels, soft drinks, wines selected from some of Italy's finest wine makers, Espresso coffee by Lavazza and to finish Limoncello, the typical Italian liqueur.


Magnifica Class: the best possible service and the finest italian cuisine make your trip unforgettable.

Comfort and Advantages

An exclusive experience on the ground too

Enjoy a privileged treatment also at the airport with SkyPriority. This will allow you to take advantage of priority check-in desks, security lanes and boarding gates.

You will also be able to check-in 2 bags of up to 32Kg each.

In addition, you will be able to access our “Casa Alitalia” lounges as well as the lounges of our airline partners.

The new concept of our “Casa Alitalia” lounges reflects the style of a beautiful Italian home, where you will be able to relax in reserved areas, enjoy a selection of typical Italian products or even work thanks to complimentary Wi-Fi.

Comfort on Board

Leather seats that recline up to 180°, have a fully horizontal bed position and a massage function.

A particularly relaxing cabin, thanks to a lighting system with lights that vary in intensity and color depending on the time and the stages of the journey on the new A330s.

You can select your preferred seat at the time reservation. 15” (B777 fleet) and 15,4” (A330 fleet) personal screens, a vast library of movies, games, music and TV programs.WiFi, GSM and live news.

Inflight service with meticulous attention to detail and products offered together with some of the biggest names in Italy: a night kit (blanket and pillow) and chinaware (Richard Ginori).

To make your trip even more pleasant on board you’ll find the elegant pouch designed by Salvatore Ferragamo. The kit contains a Tuscan Soul Bianco di Carrara eau de toilette sample, a lip balm, a body lotion and a cleansing towel and other useful items.


A Delectable Experience

Discover the pleasure of simple cuisine, rich in flavor, made with recipes from the finest Italian culinary traditions. The menu is further enriched with a wide range of the best Italian wines, carefully selected by Alitalia's sommelier, in collaboration with the Italian Sommelier Foundation.

You can enjoy the culinary delights of a different region every month. This month's menu features: Wine list and menu on outbound and return flights

A special coffee menu by Lavazza that, in addition to decaffeinated coffee, instant coffee and a selection of teas, offers three different blends of espresso coffee:

Tierra!: a 100% sustainable coffee with an intense flavor and chocolate notes, from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms

Gran Riserva: with a rich, well-rounded aroma and a sweet, strong flavor

Gran Crema: a balanced blend of classic Italian espresso

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